Japanese Bananas

Japanese bananas must be far more exciting than American bananas. 


Magical banana guy.


 He dispenses bananas from his nose into pretty girls’ laps.

No kidding — I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up. See for yourself: Japanese Banana Commercial.

I will have you know I did not come across this bit of ingenuity because I was seeking out banana commercials; I was, in fact, looking for a particular song (with no luck, I might add).


Blog Banana! (Only long time readers will recognize this,)



30 thoughts on “Japanese Bananas

      1. This blog led me down a long, strange youtube path. There is more than one bananaman commercial, for instance. As well as old, sexist coffee commercials and the Monsanto plastic house of the future.

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      1. Sister Madly

        Not familiar with the song, but your explanation leads me to believe that the clarinet piece somehow fits the commercial you posted.

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      2. Sister Madly

        To the common man, it doesn’t seem like much… but when I heard it, I understood EXACTLY what you were saying! 😀

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      3. Ok. You probably don’t watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, but there is an episode where a lady says “stop it” in a particularly nasally voice… and the Wee Little Miss decided the clarinet bit sounded like the musical version of that. So we were singing “stop it” through our noses as we drive down the road listening to that song.

        Yeah I’m aware we are pretty messed up.

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      4. Sister Madly

        That is so awesome!!! We are kindred spirits across the miles!

        I believe it is not the meek, but the MESSED UP, that shall inherit the earth!!!

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