The Perfect Place…

I know that this sign is supposed to indicate a safe haven for babies.

And I apologize profusely for my thought when I saw the sign indicating such a noble cause. 

 My thoughts? This is where you smack people in the head.

It didn’t even occur to me that it was a baby’s head…


13 thoughts on “The Perfect Place…

  1. Sister Madly

    Isn’t a picture such as this suppose to help (those unable to read, etc) understand the message? The only message I get is that my hands are too small to cradle anything other than a Barbie Doll…

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    1. Disturbing, no? Another thing I don’t understand is all of the library signs for people who are illiterate. It would make sense if you could go there to learn to read, right? But that’s not so much the case.

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