What’s New Round Our Parts

Golly it’s been a while since I had anything to write!

Well, maybe not so much that, as it’s been a while since I had a chance to write anything.

So – here you go.

We adopted a puppy. His name is Oakie, he is five months old, cute as can be and full of energy. 


Here he is eating a block of ice with veggies in it, which was intended for the bunnies. They weren’t interested, so he got it. 

How did the new addition affect our other dog? For the most part, she seems pleased. Being thirteen years old, she gets a little bit sore with him wanting to play all the time. But overall I think it has been a smooth transition.

Because I am a glutton for punishment (and the Wee Little Miss is the master at convincing me to do what she wants), we also adopted two guinea pigs.  


Meet Cookie (bottom) and Helen (top).

Let’s see, what else. We had a litter of rabbits born about a week ago, but the mother killed them (that is common for a doe to do with her first litter, terrible though it is). I guess we were fortunate with the other rabbit who immediately took to motherhood.

Oh! And something kind of fun! The Hubbster and I have been invited to work with a company providing walking ghost tours of Colonial Williamsburg a few nights a week. How cool is that? Heck yeah I’ll take a job that pays pretty well, allows me to take nighttime walks through my favorite place, AND tell ghost stories with my best friend! I’ve been surprised by the process by which you get to do this job, though – it’s not like you just get a pamphlet, learn some stories and go… Williamsburg takes its history very seriously, you see. In order to be allowed to even give tours with an independent group, you must obtain a Tour Guide License, which is obtained from the police department by passing a written history exam and basic background check. So, with all of my spare time not spent being a mom, working full time, doing part time paralegal work, playing music, and pretending to be a farmer, I am studying for a history exam. There are two books to read, both of which are very interesting and I would highly recommend to anyone who likes history.  


This one is neat because it explains the events between 1763-1789 in such a way that you can sort of get a feel for the way the people were back then culturally, thus giving a better understanding of the events that occurred.


This one is neat because it discusses the actual buildings’ histories and which ones are original, etc.

Anyway, we have to be licensed by 22 May, so fingers crossed that we can become history sponges and get on with this thing!

How have you all been?

8 thoughts on “What’s New Round Our Parts

  1. That’ll be a good time with the ghost tours, where else can I work with the woman I love other than playing music 🙂
    The new puppy is more than just a little bit energetic, he’s a fast moving ball of lightening rolled up in a big bag of cute. He seems to like being the owner of these people here.

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  2. Julie O.

    Hey Erin, tomorrow (Saturday) is the Eurovision Song Contest final at 3 pm.
    I think a year or 2 ago you were wondering what the heck the ridiculous comments were about on Facebook, during the live show. Now’s your chance to watch it! It’s quite the laugh.. the songs are tacky, the costumes outrageous and the performances fun and ridiculous.

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