More Beer Reviews… Seven, to be exact.

I thought for today’s beer reviews, it might be fun to try ALL of them on the menu at the DoG Street Pub available for tasting. And get my friends involved, too!

The lovely Stephanie displays the featured bottles menu, along with our selected “taste flights” to share amongst the four of us.

There were seven to choose from, so naturally we had to try them all:

So, how were they? Well…

Founders’ Centennial – 

  • I felt that it was hoppy but flowery at the end. Similar to the red marker at Williamsburg Ale Werks. Smells lovely. It’s like drinking a bitter flower. I gave it a 7/10.
  • Steph doesn’t like it because of the bitterness, and gives it a 1/10.
  • Stu says it’s beer filtered through flower sauce and gives it a 1/10.
  • Neil says it is kind of a strong flowery scent with a mild hint of pine, gives it a 5/10 – likes a small glass but no more than that.

Bold Rock Virginia Apple Cider:

  • Erin: It’s not overly strong. Light and refreshing. 8/10
  • Neil: Good for the summer. 9.5/10
  • Stu: More similar to wine than a cider. 9.75/10
  • Steph: It tastes juicy! 10/10. If you don’t like beer, drink this. “Dee-rish-ish”. (Imitating Scoobie Doo)

 Bell’s Lager of the Lakes:

  • Neil: It would do in a pinch. 3/10
  • Erin: It’s not bad. It’s not good either. 3/10
  • Steph: Yuck. 3/10
  • Stu: It’s bad. 3/10

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Wild: 

  • Stu: Citrus-ey. Tastes like orange rinds. Would drink it on his own. 6/10
  • Steph: HORRIBLE 0/10
  • Neil: very piney. A little bit of orange rind. Would drink a small glass on a hot day not a second . 4/10
  • Erin: YUCK. Tastes like Heineken. Old tires. 2/10 if it has an orange slice to squeeze in it I would give it a solid 5.

O’Conner Red Nun:

  • Stu: like a lager. 4/10. I could see myself drinking it but it isn’t something I would seek out.
  • Steph: it is all right. 5 or 6/10. Not so overpowering.
  • Hubbster: 6 or 7/10, a 9 on st. Pat’s. Mild. Unremarkable.
  • Erin: tastes like expensive Killian’s. 4:/10

Founder’s Oatmeal Stout:

  • Erin: Tangy, watered down Guinness with smoke. 4/10.
  • Hubbster: It tastes like bacon! 5/10. I can take it or leave it.
  • Stu: agrees about watered down Guinness. It’s all right but still, watered down Guinness. 7/10
  • Steph: oaky. 6/10

Civil Life Big Scottish Wee Heavy:

  • Erin: I like it. Mild but dark. Almost nutty. Bright and fresh for suck a dark beer. 8/10. I am a fan of oatmeal stouts, though.
  • Stu: 9/10. But on barrel taste to it. Scottish ale brewed in a burning barrel.
  • Steph: 7 or 8/10. Sweet. 
  • Hubbster: more of an organic flavor. Woody. 7/10


Stu and Steph before.

    The aftermath. 



9 thoughts on “More Beer Reviews… Seven, to be exact.

  1. Hubby and I bought some cider tonight to go with our takeout sushi. I’d never heard of it before, Sonoma Cider, but it sounded interesting. It’s sarsaparilla vanilla flavor. For reasons as yet to be revealed to us, this flavor is called, “The Washboard.” Perhaps it is because after drinking it, you feel like washing your mouth out with laundry detergent.

    It could have been lovely. It certainly sounds it when you read the ingredients: organic apples, organic apple juice, organic sarsaparilla tea, organic vanilla. Yum, right?

    It’s like…feeling thirsty and deciding to make a fizzy tea with the mulch in your front yard. Only not as good. I’m just thankful that it only came in a four-pack.

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