If you don’t use Freecycle, you’re wrong.


So, what is Freecycle? It’s an email group. You sign up to receive posts from other people who have stuff to give away. 

You can also post stuff to give away. When you do, people email you saying they are interested. You then decide who takes the item and close your posting once it’s been picked up, so you no longer receive emails about it. That’s right, folks – got stuff you want gone? People will come pick it up!

Things I’ve unloaded on Freecycle:

  • Countless toys
  • Unbelievable amounts of old clothes
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • I have literally given away so much over time I can’t remember!

Things we have received from Freecycle:

  • A gas grill
  • Pallets for projects
  • Car ramps for repairing your car
  • A leather chair
  • Every television in our house
  • A TiVo system
  • Fabric for sewing projects
  • Candle making equipment
  • Two desks 
  • An old MP3 player
  • A very nice keyboard (music)
  • Miscellaneous gardening supplies
  • Rabbit cages
  • An antique drop-leaf dining table
  • A Rubbermaid shed
  • A Rubbermaid tool organizer
  • Self watering plant containers

I think you get the point!


6 thoughts on “If you don’t use Freecycle, you’re wrong.

  1. I would love to use freestyle, but they don’t appear to be running in our area. I tried finding something a year ago or so, and the message board, or whatever they used, was completely dead. I was very disappointed.


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