Wine Review: Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato

Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato is a wine I purchased at World Market. Why? Firstly, it was on sale; secondly, I had a coupon.

I’m not entirely sure who made this wine. It appears that the name brand is actually, simply, Tropical Moscato.

Also, my dog is shedding SO MUCH right now that I can’t even take a picture of a wine bottle cap without including at least one single strand of her fur. Sigh.

Anyway. Dog hair and name brands aside, this was not bad wine. Yep, that’s right: for once my cheapness frugality paid off and I didn’t wind up drinking wine that tasted like someone’s dirty feet.

The back of the bottle describes the wine as being,

“A delicious blend of Moscato wine and passionfruit pulp that captures the aromas and flavors of the tropics. Notes of citrus fruits, passionfruit, banana, and guavas abound, balance by a crisp, refreshing acidity.”

Now, I don’t know about all of that; that’s a lot of fruit they’re claiming to have inside! 

What I do know is that I liked it. It was a moscato, and so rather sweet — but not in overly obnoxious, soda-pop kind of way. Fruity as soon as you take a sip, but then the fruity sweetness gives way to a slight tartness as the bubbles sort of do their thing. I was surprised by the carbonation, but it did nicely to keep the whole flavor from becoming too powerful.

The bottle was 11.99 on sale. Not too awful a price, but it was a smallish bottle. 

I’d give it a solid 7/10.


5 thoughts on “Wine Review: Tropical Passion Fruit Moscato

  1. Even with a coupon, I’d have probably bypassed this as the one time I had moscato before, I thought it intolerably too sweet. Also, I’m thrown off by notes of banana. Did you notice notes of banana? I might reconsider if you didn’t notice any banana flavor.

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    1. No banana notes. I only tasted passion fruit, bubbles, and wine. Please bear in mind I LOVE me a sweet wine. As close to soda as I can get. This one was less sweet than, say, an arbor mist.


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