The Birthday

As promised, here is a recap of my birthday:

We traveled to Pennsylvania to the Mother Earth News Fair, which was excellent. 

While we were there, by an odd coincidence, we stayed in the town where both Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers grew up! As a matter of fact, Palmer owns the hotel where we stayed. But I was way more excited about MISTER FREAKING ROGERS!!!

The whole town is almost like a memorial to him: 

 At a diner in town, which is unaffiliated with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

We even sought out his boyhood home: 

I discovered I am not very tall in the restroom of another restaurant: 

 Not tall.

We found not one, but TWO covered bridges by accident: 

We found a bonus train station museum: 

We stopped at a place that raises bison: 

We ate bison burgers at a tavern (and had a delicious beer, too): 

And then after we got back, some friends presented me with a wonderful gift: 

What’s that? It isn’t just a pumpkin with a hat… 

It is a pumpkin with a hat bearing not one, not two — but seven pumpkin beers which I have never tried! Woohoo! So not only does that mean I have awesome friends, but it also means I will be reviewing each and every one. 🙂

So yeah, all in all it was a great birthday!


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