Pumpkin beer review #1: Punpkin UFO

I really liked this! It’s got a very smooth flavor. Just enough in the way of spices and not bitter at all. I wish it came in a proper pint!


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin beer review #1: Punpkin UFO

  1. Ok, here’s my question: does it have any actual pumpkin flavor, or is this just a marketing thing for the spices used with pumpkin? Because everything this time of year is “pumpkin” whatever and usually the thought of it makes me kind of gag because I’m imagining actual pumpkin puree floating around in stuff.


    1. Lol. I do believe it actually has pumpkin in it. It tasted like it, but it obviously doesn’t have purée running round in there. I read somewhere that pumpkin beer can also be called “yam” beer, so I’m guessing they can use sweet potato in the process as well.


      1. Interesting. I have to admit, though, yam beer doesn’t sound anymore appetizing. I might taste one, though, if Mark should decide to try one.


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