Elimination Station

I am a Pinterest fanatic. I’m generally not much for being online, but I have to say I’ve learned so much great information from Pinterest!

Unfortunately, I’ve also learned some things I wish I could forget about — take, for example the concept of an “Elimination Station”.

Sure, I tend to be looking for ideas to help us along on our gluten-free journey, or gardening, or farming. I guess that paints me as a weird hippie health nut, because I am now being targeted as one who might appreciate this advert:


What have I done to deserve this?!

There are just so many things wrong in that picture my brain wants to block it all out. What’s wrong with my current toilet? Am I not eliminating well enough? HOW WOULD THEY EVEN KNOW? What is the purpose of all those angles and arrows? How much did they pay that woman to have her photo taken like that? 

Heaven help us all.


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