Shaolin Deadly Kicks and Custard Pie

The Wee Little Miss has gone off to visit her father’s family for Christmas.  She left this afternoon.

What is a mother to do all on her own?

I’ll tell you:  Watch Kung Fu films.  I figure it’s been forever since I got to watch one and write about it, so here we go!

As a side note, being that I am the only adult here, I just made a custard pie.  FOR DINNER.

It was delicious, by the way.


Anyway, NOW here we go.

Shaolin Deadly Kicks

The basic story:  A gang of thieves broke into a rich guy’s house to steal a treasure map, and killed him. Because they committed murder, the group attracted too much attention to themselves, and so decided to divide up the map and wait three years before attempting to find the treasure.  Three years later, a policeman has been tracking down the gang (called The Eight Dragons), and is dead set on collecting the map pieces and arresting (or killing) them one by one. He manages to do just that, and despite being stabbed whilst fighting one guy, he is rescued by a girl he had rescued from some thieves early on in the story. Only… it turns out her father was the leader of the gang to begin with! His daughter has fallen in love with the man she’s saved… what will happen in the end??

I have to say, I enjoyed this one! Entertaining fighting throughout. It’s like a weird reunion of all the most memorable actors I’ve seen in various Kung Fu flicks — one of the villains is the same guy who was in Tiger and Crane Fist (if you’re unfamiliar with Tiger and Crane Fist, it is the original film that Kung Pow was based on, and the actor I’m talking about was “Betty” in that).


Additionally, it has the big guy who was the “martial arts teacher” in Monkey Fist Floating Snake.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 19.26.22
Cutie Pie from Monkey Fist Floating Snake.  I don’t know his name.

Plus, the girl who fought in the tournament from Master of the Flying Guillotine is in it, too!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 19.30.28
Tournament Girl 

Not to mention it has a storyline that is not only interesting, but also has a few twists and turns in it, as well — AND it manages to make sense. All in all, impressive and entertaining.



7 thoughts on “Shaolin Deadly Kicks and Custard Pie

  1. Wow a Kung-fu movie with a story line besides fight and coconut custard pie. That sounds like a good night. Oh yeah is it my imagination or does Bety have a very lopsided face 🙂

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  2. I don’t suppose any of these movies are on Netflix, are they? I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all the interesting kung fu movies they have to offer and none of the titles you’ve listed sound familiar.

    Also, that pie looks freaking awesome!

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      1. I found the first one on Amazon Prime. The second one is on YouTube and I started watching it, but something happened and I had to stop and I’ve never gotten back around to watching it.

        I’ve watched quite a few kung fu movies on Netflix. My favorite are the ones by Run Run Shaw. If you don’t have at least one guy with his intestines hanging out of the bottom of his pants while still kicking and leaping about, you’re just not properly entertained.

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      2. After I posted that comment, I went on Netflix to see if I could remember which one it was. The Five Element Ninjas. So, of course, I had to rewatch it.

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