How NOT to medicate yourself with essential oils

As you may be aware, I try to take care of most things as naturally as possible, which includes herbs and essential oils.

There is one particular essential oil blend that is extremely effective in treating colds and other such illnesses. This oil is called “Thieves”. Given that I’ve got a bit of a cold right now, and the Hubbster had strep throat all last week, I’ve been making liberal use of this oil. 

This morning, however, I made a grave mistake.

I went to take my usual drop of oil, but I guess I must have tipped the bottle rather more enthusiastically than usual… a drop went square in my eye.

Talk about painful! Have you ever been cutting up hot peppers and accidentally rubbed your eye? Imagine that feeling, only worse. See, Thieves has cinnamon, clove, and rosemary oils in it, amongst other things. 

So, yeah. Don’t put thieves oil in your eye!!


10 thoughts on “How NOT to medicate yourself with essential oils

  1. I never heard of Thieves, but I did manage to get a red pepper flake in my eye (the kind used as a pizza topping) and that certainly burned like hell! The incident occurred during my 13 birthday party…it was quite the memorable gift! Haha

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