Oh, that’s what it is?

The family went out to eat last week.

While we were there, I noticed the oddest painting:


Are you able to see that? Let me give you a closer look:


“What in the world IS that thing?” I kept wondering through my entire meal. I mean, yeah, I can see it’s a table with some stuff on it.

But what is that thing at the head of the table? Is it some weird pelican getting ready to karate chop something?

Upon closer inspection, it is a pheasant, hanging by its feet, with its neck down on the table.

It still looks like a karate chopping pelican to me, though.


One thought on “Oh, that’s what it is?

  1. Now, I was going to say some sort of upside down bird, but a karate chopping pelican sounds much more interesting. It makes me wish I could paint, because I’d so do that now.

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