Obsessed to my Own Demise

You may or may not know that I am obsessive. Not in the technical, clinical OCD sense; the Hubbster likes to refer to it as “obsessive tendencies”.

These tendencies result in general silliness on my part pretty much constantly. Fixing things, straightening them, ensuring all of the tea packets face one  direction. Ordering the silverware from largest to smallest. Hanging my clothes in the closet according to rainbow order. These are all normal activities for me.

Today, I was painting our back deck.

I am obsessive enough that when I paint, I always make sure that I don’t get paint up on the shiny part of the brush. This is important, you see. Shiny things must remain shiny.

Well, I sneezed. And got paint on the shiny bit.

No no no. Not acceptable.

Before I even realized what I was doing, I cleaned the shiny part off…. On my leg.

Photographic evidence

If you look closely, you can even see where I sort of twirled it around to shine it up again. This occurred just before I yelled, “NOOOOOOO!”

So, for the rest of the job, I had to work knowing that not only had I gotten paint on the shiny bit of the paintbrush, but I also had wiped it on my leg.

So relieved to have finished the job and changed into clothing sans paint.


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