Better calf pics plus a bonus animation

Ok, so I will readily admit that I’m not good enough with these things to accomplish the animation in the proper direction. Instead if thinking of me as inept, perhaps you could just think of the calf (I’m going to call him Bucking Brownie) — maybe this is an example of why my family generally don’t allow me to name our animals — as the world’s first calf with the ability to buck backwards. With that kind of intro, surely you realize you won’t be able to see his amazing ability until the end of this post.

First, you can settle for a still shot of Bucking Brownie frowning at me:

A still and blurry far away shot of Little Blackie with Bucking Brownie in the right foreground (you must squint to see it, and no I haven’t managed to get close enough to see if it is a he or a her) (again, try to forgive my not-so-creative naming skills):

And finally, the much awaited backwards bucking calf!



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