Squirrel Repellent

I was browsing Pinterest awhile ago, as I often do, when I came across this link to a recipe for squirrel repellent.

Now, I do understand that squirrels can be aggravating, and that there is a very real need to be able to repel them. But what I’m not sure about here is the photo. Is the repellent in the bottle, and if so, is it really powerful enough to frighten the dead squirrel next to it? I mean, look at the side-eye he’s giving that bottle. If he could run from it, he clearly would do so.

Or, is the repellent actually the taxidermied squirrel next to the bottle, intended to freak other squirrels out? Because, I mean, if there was a bottle of stuff with a dead person looking like that, it would certainly do the trick to get me to leave.


4 thoughts on “Squirrel Repellent

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