Unexpected phrases that have actually been said in our household

When you have children, you wind up having to say things you’d never expect.

Today we have already had a few impressively odd and surprising sentences escape our mouths.

You know what I’m talking about: the kinds of utterances that, if your house was bugged, the agents listening would likely all just shake their heads in unison, because really? You just said that?

In honor of the weird things we’ve said today, I thought I would compile a list of the top ten such phrases which have actually been said aloud in our family.

  1. No, I will not tolerate a robe licker today! (The Wee Little Miss)
  2. Don’t stick your butt out of the car window! (Me)
  3. Please stop sniffing my elbow. (Me)
  4. We don’t put things that are alive in our pockets. (Me)
  5. The bunk bed is not for skydiving. (Me)
  6. How many turds are you actually going to eat today?! (Me, at a dog)
  7. Doop, doop, doop. No, no! We are dooping now! (Me)
  8. Mushrooms must be seafood, they’re too weird to be anything else. (The Bookworm)
  9. Look at my boo boo. LOOK AT IT.
  10. I’m going to go trim my toenails… I feel like that’s all I do!

What weird things have y’all said in your family?


5 thoughts on “Unexpected phrases that have actually been said in our household

    1. It’s amazing how difficult it is to think of something when you’re actually trying to think of it. I know we say weird stuff all the time, but this list was really a challenge to come up with!


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