A: I know! A potato!

Q: What is the best gift for the person who has everything?

Why didn't I see this at Christmastime? Shopping DONE.
Because if they have everything, surely they need a potato.

This is an actual, real ad that I saw today. What is even going on in this world? I mean, yeah, I get that it is intended as a prank — it’s just that if I was inclined to give someone a potato, I’m pretty sure I’d want to customize it myself.


7 thoughts on “A: I know! A potato!

    1. And now I am remembering how my dad and my aunt used to mail each other mashed potatoes. All before I was born, mind you. I just remember how they’d joke about it in Christmas cards every year and at family get togethers. No idea why this happened or who started it.


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