B-movie Party!

Howdy, howdy, y’all!

I am planning a monthly B-movie party over on my Facebook page, Erin’s Got a Screw Loose.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Head on over to Erin’s Got a Screw Loose at 7 PM CST tomorrow night, September 13th.
  2. I will set up and live broadcast one of two movies: either Plan 9 From Outer Space or The Mole People — whichever one wins out in the poll I have posted.
  3. Click on the video to join in the fun! No need to find the movie on your own that way.

Think MST3K, only live and interactive. All snarky comments welcomed and encouraged!

So set your alarms, pop some popcorn, grab your drink of choice, and come have some fun!

Cant make it to this one? That’s cool. I will be doing this on the 2nd Friday of every month.

See ya then!

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