The Creepy Antique Advent Extravaganza: 24 December

Christmas Eve! We have made it. Have you already gotten the gifts ready for the little ones in your family?

No? As ever, Reader, I have you covered. What child wouldn’t want the magic of discovering this horrifying drummer underneath the Christmas tree?

He can even provide dinnertime entertainment, when you’re tired of looking at yesterday’s centerpiece.


The Creepy Antique Advent Extravaganza: 23 December

23 December. By now you should be really feeling the season. It is after all, Christmas-Eve-Eve. 

Still need a centerpiece for your table? I have just the thing. 

Meet “Bust of Woman with Weirdly Drilled Nipples”. She’s a surefire conversation starter. 

Plus, she gives you something to look at when the social awkwardness of the occasion becomes too much for merely staring at your hands.