Yesterday, the Wee Little Miss and I were on our way out of Target, when we saw a little hummingbird on the sidewalk. He was attempting to fly, but couldn’t. It looked like he had run into the big window out front of the store and didn’t fare so well as a result. 

Of course, the Wee Little Miss’ reaction was to immediately pick the poor little thing up and insist we do what we can to help it.

 So tiny! 
I, of course was right on board with this plan. But – how do you go about helping a hummingbird?? They are so different from most other types of birds, I didn’t know where to begin. 

Poor little guy.

After some online research, The Hubbster quickly learned that it is illegal for anyone who is not a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist to have/care for a hummingbird here, so we did some digging and found the proper people to call.

He sure did like the day lilies!  But he didn’t know how to drink from a hummingbird feeder…

We finally got in touch with a rehabilitator who knows about hummingbirds and took him to her. She is said to be so good with them that the National Zoo has had her care for some of their birds in the past.

He was very alert and even eating from the flowers, so I have no doubt he will make a full recovery. 🙂


Yet Another Weird Spider

Ok, with that title you can tell that I will be posting photos of a spider here, right? I did warn you! 🙂

In the midst of our coop construction endeavor, I came across a spider I’ve never seen before. After some research, I found out it is an Arrow-shaped Micrathena Spider – (Micrathena sagitatta).

Check it out!

Spiny butt!

I wonder if she has a complex about her posterior?

Another angle.