For Get Wholeslae Price…

I like to shop on Amazon, because I can get lots of cheap stuff for… well, cheap.

I’ve just recently moved into a new office at work, and so felt it was an excellent opportunity to do some cheap purchasing from Amazon in the name of decorating my new space.

I got some pretty nice items for a very good bargain. A nice oriental style lamp with cherry blossoms painted on it, for starters. 

I was pleased to come home and find my purchase had arrived! After a lot of work assembling it, I finally emerged triumphant. Behold!

 The Lamp.

That is not all, though, dear reader. This little lamp has surprisingly  provided so much more than merely the opportunity to stab my thumb with a screwdriver as I assembled it.  
You see, deep within the recesses of the box, I found a little slip of paper which was lovingly placed inside by the seller.

It contains some of the most entertaining sentences I have ever read. You see, I am a linguist, and as such, I do very much tend to enjoy reading badly translated passages. The slip of paper is pure gold in that regard.  

…We try to protect your parcel by use bubble wrap and packing.

However, the parcel may get some crush from other parcel due to it’s a long distance shipping.

If you order have some damaged please contact me for solve it together… 

I hope it didn’t get some crush. Goodness. 

Anyway. Good times. 

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