Last Minute Halloween Thoughts

Well, we pretty much missed Halloween for the second year in a row.

Last year, the Hubbster was in the hospital recovering from seven heart attacks.

This year, we had a torrential downpour that has taken our pond from “mildly low” to “you better build an ark”. That means no trick-or-treating, no wandering downtown enjoying festivities, nothing. It rained so much that our cooler, fishing rods, and tackle box that were set safely at the fence near the pond are now floating in the pond… along with two orange lawn chairs. This is a photo of the pond right now. Unfortunately, it is dark outside.

We did have our Thanksgiving dinner tonight, though, as the Wee Little Miss will be visiting her father on the actual holiday.


The Creepy Antique Advent Extravaganza: 01 December

In the past, I’ve done a thing were I collected as many photos of creepy Christmas ornaments as possible and posted them here.

This year, however, I am switching to straight up creepy antiques as an advent calendar. Why? Because the creepy ornaments, after seven years, have become repetitively creepy. In other words: boring. 

So, to kick of this year’s festivities, I present to you: 

I’m not 100% clear on what is going on here. it is clearly a bust, but what about the rest of it. Just look at it.

The eyes.

The “smile”. (?)

The fact that it is staring out from the back of a glass case.

I actually wondered at first if it might have been a death mask, before I saw that it is a bust.

Anyway, 23 more days to go…

Happy Advent!