The Creepy Antique Advent Extravaganza: 01 December

In the past, I’ve done a thing were I collected as many photos of creepy Christmas ornaments as possible and posted them here.

This year, however, I am switching to straight up creepy antiques as an advent calendar. Why? Because the creepy ornaments, after seven years, have become repetitively creepy. In other words: boring. 

So, to kick of this year’s festivities, I present to you: 

I’m not 100% clear on what is going on here. it is clearly a bust, but what about the rest of it. Just look at it.

The eyes.

The “smile”. (?)

The fact that it is staring out from the back of a glass case.

I actually wondered at first if it might have been a death mask, before I saw that it is a bust.

Anyway, 23 more days to go…

Happy Advent!


Bah Humbug Outlet

I am a total Scrooge this year. I don’t know exactly why — there has just been a lot of “stuff” this year, and as a result I’m really struggling to get into the holiday spirit.

I have a tradition of setting up my Christmas Villiage in a less than traditional way, which usually helps me feel a little bit more “into” putting up the decorations:


But this year, I need a little more in the way of inappropriateness to inspire me. So…

On the left, we have the Pooping Santa candy dispenser, which has been creatively paired with the singing angel (she should be holding a candle, but the candle has long since vanished). 

Despite my grumpiness this year, I still intend to do quite a few “Creepy Ornament” posts — there is never any shortage of them around, after all… and who knows, maybe it’ll prove to be just the remedy for my Stooge-ness.