I Guess It’s Sandwiches for Supper.

Fishing. We do a lot of it, as you probably know.

The other day was probably our worst day of fishing, ever.

Certainly not because we didn’t catch anything. As a matter of fact, The Hubbster managed to pull one in on nearly every cast, as soon as the line hit the water.

What was the problem, then?


One of the many.


Yeah… are you seeing a trend? Somehow, he found the bluegill nursery, and couldn’t get out.

Oh, and a leaf, for good measure.

The buzzards were even circling, clearly hoping that we were relying on our catch to avoid starvation.

Not today, buzzards. Not today. We have sandwich fixins in the house.

Avery found something disgusting to roll in, true to dog protocol, so she had a great day.

Like Avery, The Wee Little Miss wasn’t interested in fishing this time. She has some kind of project in mind that requires looking for enormous branches that have fallen from the trees.

Now, I’m all for her projects, as they always turn out impressively. I do hope it comes together quickly, however; our garage, where these branches are being stored, is filling up very quickly! Not only that, the garage is actually our music room, and there are so many trees in there right now, I don’t think there would be space for a toddler to play a harmonica.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, yes. I put up the Thanksgiving decor, which is nice, but will never compare to my enjoyment of Halloween.

Two weeks until the US celebrates Thanksgiving. Are you ready? Any fantastic plans or interesting dishes you intend to try? Me, I’m more of a holiday food purist. Roasted turkey and the regular sides. I am going to try a keto pecan pie this time, though, as sugar seems to make us all feel unwell. Fingers crossed — no worries, I’ll have some home-made ice cream on hand, just in case it’s a disaster!


Amazon Strikes Again (resulting in a Pup-Cicle)!

I’ve never had a dog that seemed cold. In the past I’ve had a Maltese with an abundance of hair, a lab/pit mix who was all muscle, a dog whose exact breed we never figured out but appeared to be golden retriever/Akita mix, a black and tan coonhound/lab mix, and another one whose exact breed we aren’t sure of, but she appears to be some kind of shepherd/blue heeler mix. They’ve all been quite comfortably warm.

Now, though, we have poor, little, skinny Avery. Bless her heart, she is so thin. And… She is SO cold. She constantly feels the need to snuggle as closely as possible, and if it’s anything less than 70, she shivers.

I’ve recently discovered that if she is able, she will attempt to climb into the oven when it is on. She doesn’t seem to comprehend that it will burn her. No matter, it is warm. She has taken to laying down outside of the oven as long as she can, since I (in my meanness) won’t let her take up residence in a 400 degree oven.

Aside from her fascination with the oven, Avery also is fascinated with the fireplace. Again, as with the oven, she is constantly attempting to climb inside. Flames? No problem. She just wants to be warm. Literally, when I need to adjust the fire logs, I have to have somebody restrain her, else she will burn herself to a cinder.

The poor baby. It’s not even mid-November, and she is cold. She even goes so far as to lean her little rear end directly against the metal screen — and she likes it! Whatever will she do come January?

Well, poor little cold Avery has received a gift. I have become that person. You know… that person who buys clothing for their dog. But what else was I to do? She’s cold and attempting to bake herself!

There’s just one problem.

Good old Amazon.  Somehow, despite careful measuring, I’ve managed to order an XXL sized dog outfit that would fit… maybe a toy poodle?  So, for now, poor little cold Avery will have to continue trying to warm herself in the traditional manners.