Go home, Pinterest. You are drunk.

So, as I often do, I was sat here, happily browsing Pinterest, when it occurred to me that, through the wonder of technology and algorithms and general nosiness on the part of each and every website we visit, we are suddenly reachable with more ease an accuracy for advertising than ever before.

Suddenly, as if being hit by some unseen force, a terrible realization came over me.

My Pinterest browsing history must be really, really strange. Like, what-planet-is-this-lady-from strange.

That is the only possible explanation for this grotesque conglomeration of pinnage.

Reader, I assure you no photoshopping had been done to the following image. It is one entire mobile browsing page that appeared before my eyes.

What is even going on here? Is that a shirt, a baby, a boob…? And someone save that poor girl on the right from the melting spider that has attached itself to her eye!

Heck, Pinterest even provided us with a pre-emptive response meme with the blinking guy on the top left.

What a world! What a time to be alive! What will they come up with next?



Today the Wee Little Miss and I focused on her public speaking class. Can I just say the texts for this class have the most entertaining photos I’ve seen in a long while.

Ok, so Guy on Top Right seems to be begging for the mercy of the court…

Kid on Bottom Left appears to be his lawyer, who is also playing pretend basketball…

… and the judge is clearly a ghost.

I can honestly say that I didn’t expect such drama from a speech course!