Helen of Troy

You may have recently read about our new guinea pigs.

One is named Helen. Because obviously guinea pigs need proper names when they have gray hair.

Today, the Wee Little Miss  decided that the utmost it sophistication was necessary for Ms. Helen.

“Helen of Troy”, as she is nicknamed, needs some sophistication.

Long time readers may recall that the Wee Little Miss is known for dressing things up. Many years ago when I first began blogging I had a whole series of posts regarding how the Wee Little Miss would put Polly pocket clothes on toy lizards.

Apparently, as we grow, we move from dressing up lizards to dressing up guinea pigs. In homemade diapers.

Because, obviously, a homemade diaper increases one’s sophistication level up a bazillion percent.


LP’s and a twelve-year-old

The Hubbster recently received a turntable as a gift.

The Wee Little Miss had never seen a turntable before this.

Her reaction?

“THIS IS SO COOL. Can we listen to Three Dog Night?!”

Three Dog Night happiness.

That’s my kid right there, folks.