Amazon is at it again

I was just browsing Amazon, as I do occasionally when I don’t really feel like being productive. As usual, I came across another useful gem.

Owner of little pug looks so proud of herself here. She clearly has no idea what she is in for.

May may I present to you the Puff-N- Fluff dog dryer. This thing just might be old news, but I don’t have cable TV (and I like it that way!), so it’s new to me.

I can’t say for sure, but I think this is just an overrated balloon with leg slots that you stick your dog inside of. Like a space suit.

After you have magically coaxed your pup, who is likely already agitated and wet following a bath, you stick your hairdryer in there. Presumably the idea here is to inflate the suit with warm air, providing your beloved doggo with a nice sort of hair salon drying experience.

I am not smiling because you bathed me and stuck me in a balloon space suit thingy. I plotting your demise, and smiling at the thought of your horrible, feces-covered death.

Now, I’m not sure about your dog, but I can tell you that all three of mine would be terrified of this contraption. I have enough trouble just getting them to sit still for something like a basic brushing or nail trimming. I can’t even fathom trying to stick them in a balloon suit and then turn on a hair dryer. They would have a conniption fit.

As a matter of fact, I bet you if I was to give them a bath and then stick them in this thing, they would poop all over themselves whilst running all throughout the house, and we’d be back worse than we started.

I have to say that I’m grateful to the guy who comes up with these ideas. They definitely provide me with an endless source of entertainment.

I may look harmless, but I’m actually getting ready to poop everywhere. And then I will chew your face and ankles clean off.

Feel like this is a thing you’ve got to have? You can buy one here. Please, if you do decide to invest in one of these, send me photos of the aftermath.


Happy New Hair! I mean, Year!

I have really curly hair.

And it’s not like most people’s curly. It’s baby-fine, Rosanna Danna, frizzy hair. So it isn’t like I can just straighten it like most people without frying it.

I got this stuff at the Dollar Tree the other day. (Because that’s obviously where people get all the best products, amiright??)

Dude. This stuff ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. It is the single best hair product I have ever purchased.

And I got it at the Dollar Tree.

It isn’t like hair spray. I don’t know what it is. I just know I can blow dry my hair and do nothing else and it is not any longer frizzy, or crazy, or anything. It just is.

So. Dollar Tree, please, please, PLEASE never stop carrying this stuff. PLEASE.

And if you have even remotely frizzy hair, try it. I mean, you have my seal of approval, and it’ll cost you all of a buck.

Also, happy new year.