The Wonders of Technology 

Recently we received a brand new atomic clock on freecycle.

We excitedly set it all up.

It is a very handy thing when it comes to knowing the exact temperature outside and such. When it comes to knowing the weather, however — well, have a look for yourself. 

According to technology, it is 67 inside, 54 outside, with rain showers.

According to my eyes, not so rainy.


Japanese Bananas

Japanese bananas must be far more exciting than American bananas. 


Magical banana guy.


 He dispenses bananas from his nose into pretty girls’ laps.

No kidding — I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up. See for yourself: Japanese Banana Commercial.

I will have you know I did not come across this bit of ingenuity because I was seeking out banana commercials; I was, in fact, looking for a particular song (with no luck, I might add).


Blog Banana! (Only long time readers will recognize this,)