It’s been awhile

After an extended hiatus — what’s it been, seven months since I last logged on here? — I am back.

Having gotten caught up with all of the twinkle and shine of other social media sites, I have come to realize a couple of things about myself.

  • I need the opportunity to write more thoughtfully, and the only real place to do that is on a blog. I like to write, and whether I am good at it or not, I can delude myself into thinking I am a writer of substance, because I am A Blogger.
  • I neither care to hear about nor see photos of every detail of people’s lives. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that little Jimmy learned how to dig his first hole, or that you are of the Snooze political party (whose entire goal is to secure morning and afternoon nap time for all adults), or that your favorite color is plaid.
  • I feel that the interaction I get on a blog is much more genuine. It isn’t watered-down into and endless parade of words taking form of sharing other people’s posts. I was beginning to feel a bit of deja vu in that shared posts are so much like the email forwards of years past. They have their place, but I’m tired of reading them.
  • Politics is making me permanently tired — a state I did not need assistance achieving.

So, WordPress, I do hope you’ll accept my humble apology for ever having left you, and brig your prodigal daughter back into the fold where she belongs.

Also, just so I feel a little bit Facebookish (one must wean themselves away from these things incrementally), here are some photos I’ve compiled to make my blog emulate the standard social media experience on a slightly diminished scale.

The cat ate cat food last night. OMG!!!!!!! #nofilter #retro #bringbackdiscoandshagcarpet

Yes, my kitchen countertops are really 1970’s avocado green, and I love them. My house is also done up entirely in wood paneling, and I love that, too.

My dog is cuter and smarter and better than yours. #nofilter #mydogisbetterthanyourdog #nowihavethreedogswhichmakesmeasuckerforacutefacebutalsothereisalotofbarkingatourhousenow

This little lady is our most recent family addition, bringing the household dog total to three. Frankly, three dogs are more than I really wanted, but she was a starving little stray, and just look at that face. Look at it. You wouldn’t have said no, either. So, yeah, that’s Avery. We think she is a beagle/blue tick coonhound mix. Because every household needs two coonhounds.

Decor seen at a Halloween party I attended on Saturday night, which also is expressive of my feelings with regard to the current political climate in the US. #seehowibroughtpoliticsintoit #lookiwasactuallyinvitedtoaparty #nofilter

So, yeah, there we have it. My grand re-entry to the blog scene. I hope you’ve all been well, and I look forward to catching up on your material.

The Wonders of Technology 

Recently we received a brand new atomic clock on freecycle.

We excitedly set it all up.

It is a very handy thing when it comes to knowing the exact temperature outside and such. When it comes to knowing the weather, however — well, have a look for yourself. 

According to technology, it is 67 inside, 54 outside, with rain showers.

According to my eyes, not so rainy.