Japanese Bananas

Japanese bananas must be far more exciting than American bananas. 


Magical banana guy.


 He dispenses bananas from his nose into pretty girls’ laps.

No kidding — I’m not creative enough to make this stuff up. See for yourself: Japanese Banana Commercial.

I will have you know I did not come across this bit of ingenuity because I was seeking out banana commercials; I was, in fact, looking for a particular song (with no luck, I might add).


Blog Banana! (Only long time readers will recognize this,)



Sorry, I didn’t catch your name…

Sitting here looking up new stuff to watch on Netflix, we have started watching the programme, 4400.

I have no real opinion this far, as we have only watched one episode, except…

Check out this name! 


Hashbaz for short?

I just want to know how to pronounce it!