On the Road

Things that happened yesterday:

I drove nineteen hours.

Saw several towns called Mount Vernon (where there was no mount to be seen) and a lot of corn (so much corn!)

Had a bug stow away with me in the car all the way to St. Loius

 (I named him Studly Dudley). I am a little bit concerned that I named a bug just during that short amount of time. I’m pretty sure that makes me the person who would find mice and cockroaches in prison and immediately name them and declare that they are my friends.


Ten more hours to go til Colorado Springs.

Disney Day 2 – Wow!

Today we went to The Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.


With bonus random kid photobomb!
Fast pass for Everest was a life saver!  I totally was too busy to photograph more of the Kingdom, though.

Hollywood Studios!

Then … Osborn Festival of Lights! 


Just amazing!
Plus – dinner @ The Brown Derby!



With extra Grand Mariner

Plus – Dance Offs with characters?! Yes please!! (Sorry no photo). Imagine the Genie dancing off with little kids in a rave.

Instead, here is a far away shot of the dance party

Many thanks to my friend for taking me with her on vacation!!!