The Exactness of Some Recipes… Or not

So, here I am.  I’m supposed to be reading about soil science right now.  Or organic vegetable production.  Or botany.  Or pastured poultry.

I’m a wee bit burned out, though, so instead I’ve been sat here looking at old recipes I found in the kitchen.

I can call this “work” because I work in a restaurant.  So, it isn’t just me wasting time.  Right?  Right.

Anyway, I always thought the whole purpose behind a recipe was to convey the exact specifications to create a desired result with food.

In this case, though, not so much.


So, as you can see, this calls for “right much” of onions.  And salt.

Also, you “stuff packet with junk, wrap in cloth, and cook”.

Who needs times or temperatures?




​Riding in the car by myself with my father-in-law is sort of a quiet, awkward experience. A light moment is always something to hang onto, and this one was great… 
I tend to remain quiet, as does he.
He turned on the radio to break up some of the silence.
“That’s Cher, isn’t it?” he asked.
(Cough) “Nosir. That’s most definitely not Cher,” I replied.
“Sure it is. Listen to the voice. If that’s not Cher, who is it?”
(Another cough) “That’s Def Leppard.”
He turned up the volume.
“Oh! Haha! Getting old is rough.”