Pickle Lips

I love me a good dill pickle. I always have. So, when dill pickle flavored chips came on the market, I was very pleased.

But I have to say, there is a limit to my pickle enjoyment. Some things just should not come in the dill pickle flavor variety.

Lip balm, for example:


I simply cannot see the draw in wearing dill pickle lip balm. Unless, of course, you’re trying to avoid being kissed. In which case, my suggestion is to slather that crap on liberally.

The Best way to save money…

I was at the book shop not long ago, when I came across these:

I suppose having a bank which makes farting sounds each time you add money to it is a great incentive to save.

And the toilet mug? The perfect way to express how you feel about the coffee at work, I’m thinking.

So much for finding, say, books at the book shop, eh?