Twas the Night Before Christmas…

… and all through the town,

The people heard music,

And wanted it turned down.

They fussed and they flamed,

Til the police finally came.

But the musicians kept playing,

They all knew their game.

First twas Zeppelin,

Followed by Heart.

But the townspeople knew it was only the start.

The crazy men moved on to Django, then Scruggs,

By then the police could do nothing but shrug.

The musicians finally reigned it all in,

And played We Three Kings, and then all with a grin,

Invited the townspeople each to come in.

They drank some mulled cider,

They ate cookies, too.

Oh, what a night, such a party they threw.

Here’s hoping you

and your people, too

Have the happiest Christmas

An new year, … uh …. too. (I ran out of ooo sounding words.)

Sorry for the lack of advent this year. Hopefully my clever poetry will make up for it.