Antique Shop Horrors 06 June 2019

The Wee Little Miss and I went to an antique shop today — in fact, this is the first antique shop we have had the opportunity to visit since moving to Texas!We had both missed seeking out the special brand of horrors that can be found exclusively at these shops, and were definitely not left disappointed.

First, we came across this lovely stained glass window.

It seems harmless enough at first glance, eh? That is, until you go in for closer inspection and realize…

It sort of bears resemblence to The Knights Who Say Ni, and you sort of begin wondering when it will start demanding shrubberies.

There was also a fox.

Not just any fox.

This is the fox that came straight…

… out of the nightmares of Poe himself.

Interesting fact*: Edgar Allen Poe was originally going to make his poem not about a raven, but a fox. Upon waking from a particulatly horrible dream about a fox, he was so shaken that he opted to replace the fox with a raven.

What really impressed me was that the shop felt the need for a sign imploring browsers not to touch the fox. I can’t imagine wanting to touch that. Perhaps it had already made victims of passersby? I think I had a narrow escape, indeed.

* Interesting in that it is a completely made up “fact”.

Antique Shop Horrors: New Year’s Eve edition

So, what plans have you to bring in the new year?

My plan is to hare with you a mashup of all of the Antique Shop Horrors that didn’t make the cut for Advent.

Ready? Let’s go.

Happy 2017, everybody.