Dead Cats and Old Shoes

I’ve just had to read an article discussing the fact that ornamental gardening historically was considered something that displayed refinement and intellect, but also was an indication of the state of one’s affairs.

There was a portion of the article detailing how early American front yards were rather unkempt, and they went on about this at great length.

This part, I have to admit, struck me more than a little bit odd:


All right, I get it.  A messy yard looks bad.  But seriously, let’s analyze the highlighted portion above… was having broken jugs, old shoes and dead cats lying about one’s front yard really a thing?  DID THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN?  If so, WHY?

So many possibilities enter my mind whilst thinking about how one could wind up with so many old shoes, dead cats, and broken jugs in your yard.  And each possibility only leads to more questions.  How many cats?  Why are all of these people barefooted?  Who is throwing jugs?

The world may never know.