Antique Shop Horrors: 19 August 2014

It is a little known fact* that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are actually just a small gang of gnomes who brainwashed a girl.

Someone in the antique shop finally figured out the evil nature of the “dwarves” and their captive, and have finally encased them in a glass box:

Gnome gang prison. Believe it or not, this is not a blurry photo — that is just how blurry the case is!

Trouble is, if the expressions on their faces are any indication, they fully intend to break out soon. They will pick up right where they left off: wreaking havoc, causing chaos and disorder, and attempting to brainwash other dolls.

Also note that they have been sold! I can’t imagine who would buy a gnome prison, but whatever…

The world will never be the same.

*Providing your definition of “fact” is “ridiculousness that Erin randomly insists is true”.

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