As you may be aware, I kind of have a thing about wanting to be a farmer.

As a wannabe farmer, I purchased six day-old chicks, which arrived here late June-ish.

The chicks have been tons of fun and we are thoroughly enjoying having them around. But something happened…

They went from looking like this:

Amelia, a day or two old.

To looking like this:

Amelia as a gawky teenager.
To finally — and suddenly looking like this:

Amelia, today.

It was all so sudden! We realized that we had better get a move on making a full-blown coop, so that these ladies can be happy and out of the box which has served in our garage as a brooder.

And so it began: the coop project. Can I just say this project has taken over our lives? It really has. Being that it has become such a big part of our lives this week, surely you know I must share photos and commentary with you lot.

Day 1
I purchased some plans for the design we wanted. We then looked at them and discovered that they are absolutely crap plans and we are pretty much on our own.

The Hubbster gathered lumber and cut pieces to size.

The Hubbster’s truck and some wood.

He then began the process of framing.


Some framing.

It was a beautiful summer day really freaking hot outside, so that’s all that got done that day.

Day 2
I really only vaguely remember day two, mostly because it felt like we didn’t really get anywhere, even though I know we did. We managed half of the floor.

Half a floor. Joy.

It was still stupid hot and humid out. Ugh. Virginia in the summer…

Day 3
More flooring. And some structural stuff.

More forward movement, but I’m impatient and it is frustrating!
Still hot. :-/

Day 4
Today is day four. We did some more structural bracing, put the roof on, and made part of the nesting box. Also, I was very proud of myself because I remembered how to do geometry correctly so we could cut an accurate piece of plywood to cover the gable on the back.


Mystery friend who didn’t want to be on the blog is cleverly blotted out.
So that’s pretty much where we are now. Hopefully we can finish tomorrow.

Mystery friend is happy.

Amelia is making herself comfy on the deck furniture until we get it done…


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